Comandos SMS para Teltonika FMB920

Configuración rápida de SMS.
La configuración predeterminada tiene parámetros óptimos presentes para garantizar el mejor rendimiento de la calidad de la pista y el uso de datos. Configura rápidamente tu dispositivo enviándole estos comando de SMS: Nota: Antes del texto de SMS, se deben insertar dos símbolos de espacio.

Configuración de GPRS

2001 –APN
2002 –Nombre de usuario de APN (si no hay nombre de usuario de APN, se debe dejar un campo vacío)
2003 –Contraseña de APN (si no hay contraseña de APN, se debe dejar un campo vacío)

Configuración del servidor

2004 –Dominio
2005 – Puerto
2006 –Protocolo de envío de datos (0 –TCP, 1 –UDP)

Estructura de comandos de SMS:

<SMS login><espacio><SMS password><espacio><command><espacio><value>

Comando SMS getinfo ejemplo:

  • Si has configurado el inicio de sesión y la contraseña de SMS: login pass getinfo
  • Si el inicio de sesión y la contraseña de SMS no están configurados, deja dos espacios antes del comando:   getinfo

Comandos comunes

Comando Descripción Respuesta
getinfo Device runtime system information. Si


getver Returns code version, device IMEI, modem app version, RTC time, Init time, Uptime and BT MAC address.  Si
getstatus Modem Status information.  Si
getgps Current GPS data, date and time.  Si
getio Readout analog input,digital input and output.  Si
ggps Returns location information with Google maps link.  Si
readio # Returns IO status, # AVL ID.  Si
cpureset resets device No
fwstats Get data about FW and restarts  Si
getrecord SMS command initiates saving and sending of high priority record No
getimeiccid # Response is sent to SMS/GPRS command sender and also to GSM number provided. # – GSM number using international format e.g. 37069012345  Si
getimsi Sends the IMSI number of the SIM card inserted as a response to the sender.
If two SIM cards are inserted in the device, the response will be the IMSI number of the currently active SIM card.Note: This command is supported from 03.10.02 firmware version.
allver Responds with information about hardware and firmware versions and storage space Si  Si
getparam # Returns selected parameter value.# – first ID value. # – second ID value. # – third ID value.

SMS command is limited to 160 characters.

getparam #;#;…
setparam #:# Sets selected parameter value

[Parameter ID] : [New Parameter Value] ; [Parameter ID] : [New Parameter Value]

SMS command is limited to 160 characters.

setparam #:#;#:#;…
flush #,#,#,#,#,#,# Redirects device to other server.
1.# – IMEI.
2.# – APN.
3.# – LOGIN.
4.# – PASS.
5.# – IP.
6.# – PORT.7.# – MODE (0-TCP/1-UDP).


countrecs Returns records number.  Si
web_connect Forces device toc onnect to Fota WEB immediately.  Si
deleterecords Delete all records from SD card.  Si
setdigout ## Y1 Y2 Z1 Z2 Set digital output.
1.# – 0; 1 or ? (0 – OFF, 1 – ON, ? – Ignore) for DOUT1.
2.# – 0; 1 or ? (0 – OFF, 1 – ON, ? – Ignore) for DOUT2.
Y1 – timeout value for DOUT1 if needed (in seconds).
Y2 – timeout value for DOUT2 if needed (in seconds).
Z1 – maximum speed value for DOUT1 if needed.Z2 – maximum speed value for DOUT2 if needed.
battery Returns battery state info.  Si
wdlog Returns all information about ‘watch dogs’  Si
defaultcfg Load default configuration.  Si
setkey # # Add new or change current configuration keyword. If device is locked, keyword cannot be changed.
1.# – old keyword (if adding new keyword space).2.# – new keyword.
delkey # Remove existing keyword (If device is locked, keyword cannot be changed).
# – old keyword.
bbread # Return black box information (HEX value of event ID and HEX value of custom data field (optional)).
# – returns entered number of latest events. When # is omitted the latest events are packed to single SMS.
bbinfo # Return same information as bbread command but additional all events timestamp is written in HEX.
# – returns entered number of latest events. When # is omitted the latest events are packed to single SMS.
sdformat Format SD card.  Si
getrecord SMS command initiates saving and sending of high priority record. No

Comandos Bluetooth

Comando Descripción Respuesta
btgetlist # Returns requested Bluetooth list.
# – 0,1 or 2 (0 – Discovered, 1 – Paired, 2 – Connected, 3 – Discovered BT4/BLE devices).


btscan Starts Bluetooth scan.  Si
btvisible # Sets Bluetooth to visible with TMO.
# – visibility TMO (from 1 to 255 seconds).


btrelease # Disconnects from current device and pauses auto connect functionality for TMO.
# – none or TMO (from 1 to 255 seconds).


btunpair # Unpair Bluetooth device.
# – all, BT address (all – unpair all devices, BT address – unpair only specified MAC address).


Comandos Relacionado con Características

Comando Descripción Respuesta
fc_reset Resets fuel consumption parameters.  Si


towingreact Towing reactivation.  Si


auto_calibrate:set Returns the state of calibration.  Si


odoset:# Set total odometer value.
# – new odometer value in km.


odoget Display current odometer value.  Si


on_demand_trackingX X=0 – Stops Tracking on Demand functionality.
X=1 – Starts Tracking on Demand functionality.
X=2 – Generates one high priority record and inititates data sending to server.Note: This command is supported from 03.25.06 firmware version.


OBD Commands

Comando Descripción Respuesta
obdinfo If connected with Bluetooth OBD dongle displays all available information from OBD.  Si


faultcodes If connected with Bluetooth OBD dongle display all visible fault codes.  Si


cleardtc Clears all vehicle stored fault codes.  Si


getvin Get vehicle VIN code, if OBD dongle is connected. Si


CAN Adapter Commands

Comando Descripción Respuesta
lvcansetprog # Set program number to CAN Adapter
# – three to five digit vehicle specific number


lvcangetprog Get program number from CAN Adapter  Si


lvcangetinfo Get information about connected CAN adapter  Si


lvcansimpletacho # Add or remove simpletacho start byte.
# – 0 or 1 (0 – don’t add start byte, 1 – add start byte).


lvcanclear # Clear Total Mileage (counted), Engine Work Time (counted), Fuel Consumed (counted) parameters values.
# – parameter (0 – Engine work time (counted), 1 – Fuel Consumed (counted), 2 – Vehicle Mileage (counted))..


allcanmode Turn on ALL-CAN300 mode.  Si


lvcanmode Turn on LV-CAN200 mode.  Si


lvcanfaultcodes Read DTC fault codes.  Si


lvcanopenalldoors Toggle CAN-CONTROL to open [unlock] all doors  Si


lvcanclosealldoors Toggle CAN-CONTROL to close [lock] all doors  Si


lvcanopentrunk Toggle CAN-CONTROL to open [unlock] trunk  Si


lvcanturninglights Toggle CAN-CONTROL to flash lights
One flash of all turn lights ordered trough accidental / blinking turnlight switch


lvcansetting:#,# This command is used to set specific counters for vehicles. From that moment of setting the value, vehicle will continue to count from the specified value.
0 – setting total engine work time (seconds)
1 – setting total mileage of the vehicle (km)
2 – setting total fuel consumption (liters)
3 – setting total CNG use (kg)
4 – setting electric engine work time (seconds)
5 – setting wheel speed sensor impulses (impulses)
2.# – value(0 to 0xFFFFFFFF or ? (? – is used to get the current setting value))


Atributos Calculados Teltonika

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